The 2021 competition will be online following our successful experience of completing the 2020 competition online. There will be a number of small scale competitions with winners moving on to the next round. These will start in January 2021 and conclude ahead of the international competition which is scheduled for 6-10 April. We will be doing our best to provide a good extra curricula experience for some of the best law students in England and Wales. It can’t be the same as usual but it will be the best we can do in the current circumstances

Faculty coaches will need to commit to running events, judging or clients –obviously not in the events their team is taking part.

Entry. Please do read our rules before entering. As a reminder, each law school can enter one team made up of two students. We will have to limit the number of entries to 36 so it will be first come first served. Entry will open via completion of the entry form (below). Please note that any law school that took part in the 2020 competition that has still not paid the 2020 entry fee by the entry date for the 2021 competition will not be eligible to take part. We realise that this is a difficult time but the competition is a non-profit with no paid staff that needs to cover its costs. Note that in the light of our reduced costs this year, the 2021 entry fee will only be £75. The closing date for entries has now passed.

Subject area. This year’s subject area will be Human Rights. More guidance shortly.