Plans for the 2022 competition

Following our AGM on 24th May, plans are being drawn up to have a competition in 2022.  In the light of current uncertainties, we are going to leave it to a bit nearer the time to pin down the precise format. We don’t yet know if the competition will be on Zoom or in person but we have to rely on participating law schools to share the burden of hosting. As at the beginning of November, we are anticipating that the regionals will be online on a weekday in February, and the finals in person on 12th March 2022.

The topic for 2022 will be Contract in the context of entertainment and sport.

The closing date for entries has now passed. 37 law schools have entered.

The 2022 international competition will again be hosted by the Hillary Clinton School of Law at Swansea University in April 2022.