The 2023 Competition

We are looking at a hybrid competition this year which will combine the advantages of an online competition with those of an in person one. We are planning to have in-person regionals in Sheffield and London on 11th February 2023. There will also be an on-line regional on or around the same time. There will then be an in-person final event on (provisionally) 11th March 2023.

An entry form will be available here from 2nd September 2022 and teams will be able to state their preference of on-line or in-person and venue. After the closing date of 2 November, we will organise on the basis of your choices.

The topic is Environmental Law and more details about this will be available later.

The 2023 International Competition

The venue for the 2023 international competition has not yet been announced. However, the topic will be Environmental Law. For the latest information please go to the competition website. The winner of our national competition will represent England & Wales.