2019 Finals

The 2019 finals are taking place at the University of the West of England in the Bristol Business School (X Block) on 9th March 2019.

On the map, the Bristol Business School is shown to the left of the North Entrance, adjoining the Student Union. The competition is taking place on the 4th floor of X Block (two floors above the reception area). Heats will take place in 4X104, 4X105, 4X106, 4X107, 4X108 and 4X109. On arrival please can everyone sign in at the competition reception outside 4X110 and thereafter can judges please go to 4X103, actors to 4X100, and participants to 4X112. The organisers will be available and there will be signs indicating the quickest routes.

Registration will be between 10am and 11.00. Please ensure that you arrive no later than 11am.

Lunch is provided for the judges, teams and clients. Teas and coffees are available in your base rooms for the students. The Student Union shop (adjoining) is open and has various refreshments for sale. The Student Union bar will also be open. Additionally the Starbucks outlet in E Block (please see map), about two minutes away from X Block, will be open and serving coffees and food. There will be wine and snacks available at the reception after the event.

Programme   Each team will conduct three interviews during the day. Please note that you will not know the order in which you will be interviewing the clients until you receive the schedule on the day, so do NOT assume that you will be seeing ‘Client 1’ first and ‘Client 2’ second, etc.!



Interview Memos (available from 25th February)

The event is sponsored by The Law Society of England & Wales